Mimico Red Novice Select Hockey Pool Fundraiser

And we are off!

First off, thanks to everyone for your support for the Mimico Red Canadiens Novice Tier 2 select team. Your entry into the pool helps the kids as they compete in the NYHL and several tournaments throughout this 2017-18 hockey season.

Though we started late, the response to the pool has been fantastic and we couldn't be happier with the result. We have 112 entries enabling us to offer $1000 in prize money. The prize breakdown consists of $500 for 1st, $250 for 2nd, $100 for third. In addition, the all star break pool leader will win $100 plus we'll be having "lucky loser" $50 prize for the last place finisher.

The remainder will go to the team as well as offset miscellaneous costs involved with maintenence for the pool (paypal, transfer fees, etc).

Why not office pools or other another site?

The intention of this site is to keep tabs on the pool + provide an opportunity to share with our supporters the progression of the kids season. Sure its a little easier to use a pool service, but by running our own pool site, it allows for a more personalized pool experience. Will will share insights into the player groupings, the current NHL season but most importantly it'll be used to share the kids on ice experience this season. With your support for our pool fundraiser, you deserve to be informed.

Once again, thanks to all that are participating and I wish you well in the pool. Standings are up to date as per last nights (Halloween) games.

All entries have been checked for accuracy. Please take a moment to verify that your player selections are accurate by visiting the entries page.

Talk Soon & good luck!


Not a Poolie? No Problem!

Donate or Shop Online

You can still help the team by donating directly or doing your online shopping by visiting FlipGive first. It's easy to use and a percentage of your transactions (from Sportchek, Indigo, Amazon, etc) get donated. Continue shopping with your regular online retailers but by joining our FlipGive team, you'll be helping us out with minimal effort!

Who is Mimico Red?

Mimico Red consists of players from the Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association and competes in the 2017/2018 Tier 2 Novice Division of the North York Hockey League.

Head Coach: Neil Doctorow

Assistant Coaches: Brad Duce, Patrick Zerebecki, Jordan Rose

Managers: Connie Zerebecki, Matthew Lombardi, David Okovita